How To Play PUBG On Mac: Just Download ‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ Mac and Play For Free

There is no doubt that 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' is the year’s biggest hit which is available for PC, mobile, Xbox, and PS4. While playing PUBG on Mac is not that tough task, but is a little bit of tricky.  So, many people have been looking for the way to get PUBG for Mac download free. The great thing is you don’t need any type of license or any hardware to play PUBG on Mac. Besides, even you can play PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on Macbook and MacBook Pro.

In order to get PUBG Mac, you just need the Geforce Now for Mac which is known as the best game streaming service every. You can take help from the Nvidia’s GeForce Now to download Player unknown battlegrounds Mac and play it hard. Let me tell you what Geforce Now is, it is one type platform which allows you to play power gaining and high graphics PC games on Mac. Let’s go to the process to get PUBG on Mac! If you do not have any idea about using GeForce Nown on Mac to play PUBG on MacBook, then here we have explained a simple guide to enjoy PUBG on Mac. Let's check it out!

How To Play PUBG On Mac [100% Working Guide]

geforce now for mac

Method #1: Play PUBG on Mac using GeForce NOW [Macbook/Macbook Air/Macbook Pro]

It won’t take too much time or money to download PUBG on Mac. As we said above that you just need to download the Geforce Now on Mac and sign up to link your stream library and then start playing 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' on Mac. Don’t worry whether you have MacBook or an older MacBook Air, it will support of all Macs. Let’s find out how to PUBG Mac download and installation process!

Well, you can use the world's most popular Nvidia’s newly launched service called GeForce Now which is now available got Mac users. You might be wondering what's GeForce Now, then let me tell you that it is cloud based service that allow all Mac players to enjoy all games on their steam and libraries (including PUBG!)

So, if you want pubg mac download free, then GeForce Now for Mac is the best option as it's still in beta testing. You can download GeForce Now Beta here.


Once you have become GeForce Beta users, then just Use the in-app network test to confirm that your network meets GeForce NOW requirements for an optimal gaming experience.


A USB (wired or wireless) or Bluetooth gaming mouse like popular Razer or Logitech which let players to reduced latency, higher sensitivity and a tactile scroll wheel in the game.


In the app, browse the list of supported games under “Games” section. You can even search for PUBG by name.


Click on a PUBG to install it on your virtual gaming PC. Well, You’ll have to to log into the digital store associated with account to make sure your ownership, or purchase the game.

Now you can see it in “My Library” section so that you can fast as possible enjoy the next time login to the service. There are other games available which you can play as well on your Mac under the Manage Steam section.

Method #2: How to Play PUBG Mobile On Mac: PUBG Mac Download Free

In a case, if you want to play PUBG on Mac free then there is a way to play PUBG Mobile on Mac for free. There is boot camp you can easily install Windows OS on your Mac computer and then use the Windows OS. Hence, it would be easier for you to play PUBG mobile on Mac for free. So, follow the same procedure to play PUBG mobile on PC using Bluestack or official PUBG emulator (Tencent Gaming Buddy). Furthermore, you can also use ApowerMirror on your Mac to screen mirror your phone's screen on your Mac to play PUBG Mobile on Mac.

PUBG Mac: General Knowledge for Beginners

Considering that you are a PUBG Mac beginner let me tell what PUBG is. 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' is the most popular battle royal games like Frontnite where 100 player dives in the specific map from the plan via parachute. Once everyone reaches on the land, you will have found weapons, bad, bandages, grenades, and more as soon as possible and start killing rivals.

PUBG Mac Beginners

The situation turns very interesting when the blue circle starts to harm you. Hence, once the blue circle starts you should go to the safe zone as soon as you can otherwise the blue circle will come nearby and reduce your health. In the end, surviving matters a lot so that you can good rank.

PUBG Mac: 10 Advanced Tips and Tricks From Beginning To The End

Whether you are new or already played the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, you can get here best PUBG Pro tips and trick to battle hard with your enemies and stay alive till the end. From flying through the airplane to last seconds of the game, here we will show you the best PUBG tips for Mac. Without wasting time, let’s get started to know some best PUBG Pro tips and tricks!

#1: Land Speedily and Smartly 

The game starts with 100 player jump from the airplane and gets on the 8km island. Hence, while flying in the air trying to reach the land as quickly as you can before other player reached it. Well, there isn’t a fly faster, but you move up and down to land quickly. And also, use the third eye to look around to make sure how many people have landed on the same spot so that you get the better idea to land properly and kill the enemy as soon as possible. So, this is the first thing you should take care while playing PUBG on Mac.

#2: Loot Hard As You Can

Landing on the best loot area is the best idea. So, you can land on military base, power plant, or rozhok and various major towns where you can get best weapons and other needed stuff like health kit, bandages, painkiller, grenade and more. Try to find the AKM, M416, Scarl-L or M16A as soon as possible. These are some of the best PUBG guns. And also, there are 2x, 4x, and 8x scopes to get a clear-cut shooting. So, get hard PUBG Mac players!

#3: Always Follow The Map

For the beginners, it will take some time to be familiar with the map perfectly. The map is the best pal in PUBG. It shows the safe zone, enemy footsteps, and your friends’ location. So, always keep your eyes on the PUBG to get an idea about enemies and the place where you have to reach. Once you started playing the PUBG on Mac, the certain time come when the blue circle starts which means you have to go to the play zone under the white circle. Thus, always follow the Map while playing PUBG.

#4: Use Vehicle Cleverly

Mostly, players use vehicles to enter the play zone as quick as you can. On the island, some vehicles are available all around the city.  So, you want to get to the other place fast; then you can choose the car, pickup truck, bike, or racing car to reach the spot fast. There are more players too looking for the vehicles, so look around first and get the vehicle. If you are playing with your friends, then the jeep is the perfect vehicle for players as it is protective. This would be good if you play PUBG on Mac.

#5: Use Headphone

Usually, I like to play the game with headphone. It allows me to get connected with other teammates so that everyone gets the perfect idea about what’s going on around. You know one best thing to play headphone is, you hear the footsteps and gunshots nearby area. And also, if the enemy is on the floor or in the grass, you can hear it as well as clear and get the perfect idea about rivals. So, if you want to play the PUBG like a pro, then we suggest you use headphone.

#6: Keep Moving

One headshot is enough to kill you in a second. PUBG game is all about moving and killing. In case if you stop on one open place, then your opponent will get the clear-cut headshot and for sure kill you with a shot. Well, if you got the target, then don’t sit or stand in the same place to kill the target, move to the target and kill them.

#7: Catch Air Drops First

At the certain interval of time, you will see the airplane drop a box which is called the “AirDrop”. It contains some of the best weapons like AWM, Mk14 EBR, M249, AUG, and GROZA. Sometimes, it contains some scope, helmet, medical kit as well as the Ghillie Suit. The Ghillie Suit will help you keep hidden inside the green grass-look-like suit so that your enemy doesn’t even think that it’s you. While talking about guns, these guys are some of the best guns with long range and high power. So, once you got enough stuff, then you can go the Air Drops to get some best PUBG weapons. But, be careful while heading towards the Air Drops. Other players are looking for the same.

#8: Watch First, Shoot Later

Once you see the rival, then don’t get excited to kill em first. Look around the enemy to clear that other teammates are near him. Once you are sure that there is no one else around then you can fire the gun. But, do it carefully! Well, sometimes you should ignore firing guns. Openly firing will give them knowledge about your location and also it means inviting them to kill you. So, play smartly!

#9: Try To Close Doors Normally

In the game, doors are closed by default. For sure, you don’t wish to tell other players that you are inside and he might kill you from the back. Initially, I could not use to close the door as I enter the building to loot as much as can. But after some, I have started closing doors regularly.  Once you close the door, your enemy won’t get any idea that you are in the building. Hence, you can kill them once he enters the room even if your aim is shit.

#10: Sometimes Running is The Best Option

For sure you have been a scenario where you can’t fight against enemies, right? At the time, fighting from the front won’t be the great idea to win the match. Sometimes you have to run from the battlefield to survive. After all, you can’t fight against all. You have to play smartly at the time. Well, if you are enemies aim, then run fast in zigzag format and humping consequently. It won’t let your enemy get the perfect shot.

PUBG Mac Comparison

While comparing PUBG Mac to Xbox One, you get a much better gaming interface on Mac to compare to Xbox One. That’s a right dude! Just try it and let us know! Notably, I must say that using the best mouse is the good companion to play it in a better matter. Additionally, we should also like to suggest you that try to play with a wired internet connection. Because sometimes wireless connection creates lags which would be annoying while fighting with other players. Once more great thing about the Geoforce Now Mac is there is no need to download or install any kind of update or drivers.

Final lines

PUBG on Mac is fun. Additionally, you can enjoy the latest PUBG PC update with new PUBG Snow Map "Vikendi" to enjoy the game fascinatingly. Once you have started playing PUBG on Macbook, we would love to know your thoughts. If you have anything to share or want to any something about the PUBG PC, Mobile, Xbox, and PS4, you can directly as us through comments!